Stringybark Erotic Fiction Award 2013



Stringybark Stories ran its first erotic fiction competition in 2011.  That competition culminated in two books — the Heat Wave of ’76 (paperback sold out.  E-book still available) and Between the Sheets.  It’s now time for another.

The Stringybark Erotic Short Fiction Award 2013 is presented to the best short story of 1800 words or fewer that deals with an erotic theme.  International entries are most welcome.

Human intimacy and sexual arousal are an intrinsic part of the lives of most adults and yet it is rarely written about in any meaningful way.  Most writing about human sexuality is either prurient or ‘fumbling behind the bike shed’ titillation.  Even some of the world’s best writers stumble when trying to write about sex.  Have a look at this article from the BBC to see how some great writers struggle with erotica.

However, don’t let this get in the way of having a go!

The challenge for the short story writer is to capture the excitement, pleasure and meaning of human intimacy and sexual relationships in very few words.  But writing erotica is not merely a descriptive exercise but an exercise that should also excite the reader.

Erotica remains a contentious area of writing.  What is one person’s erotica is another person’s pornography.  Some writers feel that they don’t want their name linked to erotic writing.  That’s okay with us.  On the entry cover sheet, there is room for you to use a pseudonym (a pen name) if you so wish.

To assist you in writing your erotic short story, here are some content guidelines from the judges (please read these as well as the Entry Conditions):

  1. Don’t involve any characters under the age of consent (16 in NSW, WA, QLD, Vic, ACT, NT and 17 in Tasmania & SA.  International entries should use the age of consent in their country.);

  2. Avoid degrading and/or violent activities;

  3. Think sensual, imaginative and sexy;

  4. All the elements of a good short story should still be present.  Don’t throw good writing technique out the window just to get to the climax!

If in doubt read our two published anthologies of erotic fiction.  See The Bookshop for more information about these two books.

There is a total value of over $770 worth of prizes in cash and books available.

Award Winners receive:

First Prize - A$350 cash + publication + certificate + e-book + paperback (Value $368)

Second Prize - A$150 cash + publication + certificate + e-book + paperback (Value $168)

Third Prize - A$75 cash + publication + certificate + e-book + paperback (Value $93)

Authors of highly commended stories may also be invited to have their stories published and if so receive a free copy of the e-book (Value approximately $141)

Entry Fees:

One story - A$9.95

Two stories A$18.90

Three stories A$27.00

Stories must be sent via email.   Closing date for entries is 31 March  2013.  Winners will be notified by 15 June 2013.

More details can be found by clicking the appropriate coloured bar in the box below.

NOTE: After you have submitted your entry you should receive a return email stating that your entry and payment has been received and registered.  If you do not  receive a confirmation email within seven days of submission, please contact us to check on your entry’s status.  Occasionally the internet is not as reliable as everyone believes and emails do not arrive.

The Stringybark Erotic Short Fiction Awards 2013


Valentine’s Day — Elliot DeLocke

Second Place

The Point — Colin Campbell

Third Place

Heart Rate — Jennifer Ryder

Highly Commended

Caught by the Camera — Jim Baker

Dreamtime Calling — Natalie J Barlow

Grand Final Climax — Glenn Bramich

The Loving — Rees Campbell

The Honey Trap — Cece Carmichael

How to Light a Fire in Winter — Erica Cooper

Bird of Passage — Julie Davies

Dubstep — Cindy Hodgon-Ross

Hand Painted — Brennan Jace

The Broken Girl — Ruby Louise

Double Header — Richard Marman

Mick’s Story — Lexie North

Scrambling for Moments — Aisling O’Sullivan

…and Heaven Smiles — Maria Radanov

Pomegranate — Josh Redman

At the Pirate’s Booty — Sybil Rush

Home — Clementine Stevens

Inside the Spectrum — Derek Wayne

Red Velvet — Wendy Walsh

Silk  — Michael Wilkinson

The anthology of these winning stories, Valentine’s Day, is available in the Bookshop in both paperback and as an e-book.

Feedback is available for both successful and unsuccessful entrants.

Please click on the cover image below and you will be taken to the Bookshop for a browse.


Stringybark Erotic Short Fiction Award 2013


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Rose - Erixsen
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Sparks - Georg Slickers
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Strawberry - Tomomarusan
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