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A Good Yarn

By David Vernon

Seven Stories Told. Seven Mysteries Solved?

Simpson and his donkey is one of Australia’s greatest ANZAC legends. Credited with saving 600 severely wounded soldiers, his selflessness, his bravery and his legacy are part of Australia’s identity. But how accurate is the legend? Was John Simpson Kirkpatrick even Australian?

In 1909, the ‘unsinkable’ SS Waratah disappeared without a trace with 211 people on board, leading to a four-month search by the Australian Government for the missing vessel. One passenger, who disembarked days before the SS Waratah sailed, claimed a premonition of the disaster. Did he really foresee the disappearance of the SS Waratah and all on board? What did happen to ‘Australia’s Titanic?’

In 1870, the Walter Hood, the fastest clipper on the China-England run, ran aground at Wreck Bay off the NSW South Coast. Was the drunken captain the cause of the accident and was he murdered for his gold ring?

These and four other tantalising mysteries that have captivated Australia over the years are explored and examined in this entertaining volume. Meticulously researched, this book will make you question just how we understand the past, and illuminate the truth about some of Australia’s most intriguing legends and mysteries.

Written by David Vernon,

Paperback, Stringybark Publishing,

ISBN: 978-0-6452122-6-6

244 pages

60 illustrations and photos

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