Stringybark Open Short Story Award 2024


The Stringybark Erotic Short Fiction Award





Michael Wilkinson




Peter Jason Smith


The Heat Wave of ‘76


Chris Westlake

Sergei smiles as he sits down at her head.  His lover grasps his long fingers and leisurely runs her tongue over them.  His precious fingers!  They are in her mouth!  With a bite, she could ruin his career.  I must intervene.  I must!  I tense, ready to reveal myself.  Sergei smoothly caresses her cheek with his left hand and gently extracts his fingers from her slavering maw.  “Ma chérie,” he murmurs and has a swallow from his champagne glass.  His lover takes a more delicate sip and then their lips touch.  She is inhaling his intoxicating aftershave.  He is sensing a woman aroused.

— from Sergei by Michael Wilkinson

Twenty-one award-winning erotic short stories, written by both Australian and international authors, are included in this anthology.   From the discreet to the explicit,  these stories will provide heat on the coldest evening!  Chosen by Dr Kathryn Dwan, Dexter  Dutton, Fanny Lawrence  and David Vernon.


Yes, Please — Elizabeth g Arthur • Presque Vu — Kerry Cameron • Sofa Sport — Jeff Cott • La Belle Dame Sans Merci (Keats reveals what really happened that day) — Julie Davies • Massage — Dreamer • An Artistic Eye — Allan Mackay • Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden — Marguerite Johnson • Tarts Galore — Artemisia Melidulci • Consumed — Cherie Moss • The War of the Roses — Mardi O’Connor • Culinary Foreplay — Sylvia Petter • Memo from the Great Teaser — Graeme Scott • Brushstrokes — Simone Sinna • The Kids Call it ‘Friends with Benefits’ — Pauline Sorensen • Moving Day — Peter Jason Smith • A Mermaid’s Song — Samantha Stiles • Linkage — Maggie Veness • Walking the Rail — Frances Warren • The Kiss — Michael Wilkinson • The Last Time — Zeca

Competition Closed: 7th August 2011

104 entries.  $515 in prizes.

Judges: Dr Kathryn Dwan, Dextor Dutton, Fanny Lawrence and David Vernon

Editor: David Vernon

Proof-readers: Kate Copeland and Avon Strahle

Cover designer: David Vernon

Cover artist: Kerry Cameron

Australian printer: Kainos Print (Canberra/Sydney)

23 published stories.  One printed anthology, The Heat Wave of ’76 and one e-book.

edited by David Vernon, 138pp, paperback and e-book

Stringybark Publishing, ISBN: 9780987092267

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